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 DAI protection team offers professional close protection security services for our clients. Our team of experienced professionals surpasses the needs of our clients. Each detail is tailored to a clients needs. Our protection professionals are experts in advance and logistics planning, threat assessment, crisis management, and emergency response.

 DAI offers comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective Security

and Protective Services.

Whether it’s corporate, dignitary or celebrity protection, we

hold ourselves to the highest standards. Our level of

experience and training is what distinguishes DAI from

other agencies.

 DAI’s mission is to provide you with highly trained and

professional security and protection specialists for domestic 

as well as international details. Whether your protection

needs are short term, long term.

  • Private, High Net-worth Individuals  Executive Travel

  • Celebrities, their friends, families and management groups

  • Pipelines

  • Corporate Executives, Religious Leaders, Diplomats.

  • Natural Disasters, Crisis Management 

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