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National Disaster Relief Services

 Natural disasters are a constant threat to today’s infrastructure and economy and often leave entire communities in disarray.
DAI offers top-tier solutions responding to catastrophic disasters. Our team is “boots on the ground” to assist communities in their greatest time of need. After a disaster, looting and chaos are common which brings the need for protection services.  It is essential to have a response team such as DAI staffed with experienced professionals.
 DAI has provided emergency response services for natural disasters and emergencies.  We have provided protection services for the aftermath of large-scale disasters including the 2010 earthquake in Haiti Port Au Prince where we provided security for CNN and NBC news teams. Following the California wildfires as well as hurricanes Florence and Michael, DAI provided protection services to large companies to ensure the safety of personnel as well as prevent looting and any further destruction.
Our staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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