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DAI’s team comes from a broad spectrum of investigators with prior law enforcement, FBI,  homeland security, states attorney investigators.  and state and local law enforcement. Our investigators have dealt with a range of cases throughout their careers and bring that experience to assist with resolving your concerns. Whether its a domestic issue or your organization is dealing with workplace violence, harassment, discrimination, insurance fraud or theft, our agents are trained to assist you. 


We are committed to providing investigative services that are thorough, timely, and specifically tailored to each client’s unique needs from private individuals to corporate entities. We also conduct undercover operations for businesses that require a look inside their organization to assess security needs or resolve loss prevention issues.  


Each investigation is conducted in compliance with all applicable Federal and State laws, rules, and regulations. We always make sure our clients are well-informed with all the data needed to make the most educated decisions. Whatever the nature of your case, we are confident we can provide accurate information, and customized solutions that will meet your needs to be able to provide you with the material that you require.

Deanovich & Associates, Inc. offers a complete range of quality investigative services and are always ready to discuss your urgent and important needs.  Here are just some of the services we can provide;

  • Locate Witness

  •  Civil and Criminal Investigations

  •  Undercover Investigations

  •  Domestic

  •  Workman’s Compensation

  •  Child Custody

  •  Background Checks

  •  Fraud

  •  Missing persons

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