Deanovich & Associates Inc. (DAI) is a security and investigative firm, headquartered in Maryland. DAI is founded by individuals who bring their vast knowledge in law enforcement and security.  We are a group of professionals who bring worldwide experience to our clients throughout the nation.
 Today’s environment has created uncertainties and potential risks that are forcing individuals and companies to take a harder look at their current security programs, and re-evaluate the need for additional training and security measures. With increasing violence throughout the world it is imperative that companies and individuals protect their lives, families, and assets with qualified experts.

 Our goal is to provide clients with professional, quality, and expert security services designed to exceed their needs, while ensuring the highest level of integrity, protection, security, and peace of mind.  Our method of security is to be proactive, securing areas and people before they become a problem.

Emergency Response

and Disaster Recovery

“DAI team is prepared for rapid deployment of officers nationwide”

  •  Rapid deployment

  •  Armed & unarmed officers

  • Search & rescue

  • K-9 Services

  • Licensed drone operations for assessments of the area

  • EMT paramedic services

  • Fleet of specialized vehicles

DAI specializes in Pipeline Security

  • Access Control

  • ​Physical Security​

  • Roaming Patrols 

  • Protesters

  • ​Daily Reports/incident

  • Reports

  • ​Protection from Theft and Vandalism

  • ​24/7 Security Services 


Event Security

Our experience in this particular field is a culmination of functions such as: musical, sporting and family, as well as festivals and benefits both outdoor and indoor.  DAI has the experience and the resources to handle small and large crowd events. 


  • ​Locate Witness

  • Civil and Criminal Investigations​​

  • Undercover Investigations

  • ​​Domestic

  • ​​Workman’s Compensation

  • ​​Child Custody

  • ​​Background Checks

  • Fraud

  • ​​Missing persons

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